CHECOD is a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization created in 2010 by a group of African multidisciplinary professionals including development economists, health economists, health professionals, statisticians, social and behavioral scientists and financial experts. The Centre was created to promote greater and more effective utilization of indigenous health professionals in national development and to develop capabilities in health economics in the region. The Centre aims to provide technical assistance and support to action-oriented interventions on health and economic issues that constrain the equitable delivery of quality health services.

Between establishment in 2010 and the end of implementation of the first strategic plan (2011-2016), the Centre made notable imprints in the health financing policy and planning landscape in Nigeria. These include expertise and technical support to federal and state level institutions on health accounts; budgeting and expenditure tracking; feasibility of social health insurance schemes including community-based health insurance, voluntary contributory health insurance and vulnerable group health insurance; economic and financial management reviews; fiscal space analysis, economic and financial modelling of state health insurance schemes. Others include cost-benefit analyses of the National Health bill 2014; interventions in nutrition and routine immunization in Northern Nigeria; and business plan for universal health coverage. Recipients of the Centre’s support include the federal and state governments/ministries of health and agencies including National Health Insurance Scheme and National Aida Control Agency.

CHECOD maintains presence in Technical Working Groups of Policy Institutions in the health sector. These include the Technical Working Group (TWG) on Health Financing Policy and Strategy of the Federal Ministry of Health, the Core Implementation Team (CIT) of Lagos State Health Scheme and the Senate Committee Panel on Demographic Dividend facilitated by the Global Financing Facility (GFF) and funded by UNFPA and Nigeria’s Federal Ministry of Health.