We believe that the effectiveness of any policy or program depends crucially on the quality of the evidence and appropriateness of the framework and assumptions on which it is based. We take these issues seriously.  To this effect, we exert commensurate efforts at the conceptual, survey design and data collection stages of our research, and impose stringent consistency criteria in validation of both primary and secondary data.

We are not swayed by talking points and do not subscribe to them because they induce mediocrity. Instead, we emphasize the context and data generating process of such findings.

To contribute to growth and application of health economics and development policy research in Nigeria and Africa, we emphasize

  1. Non-ideological, evidence-based, and empirically-driven contributions to interventions and policy designs.
  2. Highest standards of integrity in data collection and validation, survey implementation and other evidence generation activities.
  3. Cross-disciplinary collaborations with public and private sectors including related Centres, industry, universities and research institutions across nations and continents.
  4. Exchange of inter- and intra-continental experiences, ideas and successes in the area of health economics and health services delivery
  5. Partnerships and networks with government, academia, private sector and health care providers, national and international agencies and organizations engaged in socioeconomic development initiatives to address important issues in health care.
  6. Active engagement of users of evidence through dialogues, meetings, conferences and publications in peer-reviewed journals and books.