Strategic Plan 2016 – 2021

CHECOD_STRATEGIC_PLAN_2016-2021A recent review was undertaken to assess the Centre’s visibility in the health policy and planning landscape and the extent of leveraging of its endowed capabilities in shaping public policy. The assessment reveals enduring need for expertise of the staff of the Centre but limited engagement in the policy process. While the Centre is duly engaged and maintains direct presence in technical working groups, its presence in mid-to-high level health policy advocacy meetings, dialogues and summits is rather indirect, through its work on behalf of development partners. Independent contribution and engagement in the policy process have been very limited. The Centre currently faces drawbacks in the functional areas of independent research, engagement and advocacy.

The five-year strategic plan (2016-2021) is set against the backdrop of renewed focus on the health sector at continental and regional levels especially in recognition of the critical role of health in demographic transition and dividends, increased emphasis on local evidence generation for advocacy, and policy shift toward local capacity-building and partnerships by international development and donor institutions. The plan seeks to address these challenges and set the direction for successful evolution of the Centre into an independent public policy research, analysis and engagement organization. Specifically, the plan 1) assessed the Centre’s strengths and unique capabilities, 2) identified threats and opportunities in both internal and external environment, and 3) specified the priorities and actions to address the weaknesses.

The strategic plan sets priorities in research and publications, engagement and advocacy, and organizational development, and establishes a framework for implementation. Key outcomes of the plan include increased scientific publications from independent and collaborative research, greater visibility in the policy space in Nigeria and Africa, visibility in the international and regional development forums, and expansion of the Centre’s financial resource base.

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